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Moviespapa 2022- Website to Download Movies in HD

Moviespapa 2022- Moviespapa is an illegal movie downloading website on which you can watch 300MB movies, 3D movies, Bollywood and Hollywood movies, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and other South Indian movies. 2022 is very popular among users and has traffic in millions. Movie lovers frequently visit this site to download all the latest films, web series, shows and episodes.

What is Moviespapa?

Moviespapa is the name of the movies downloading site, which offers illegal content to download or watch online for free. The official link to this site is This domain name is not working because the government has blocked the URL from the country IP address. You can download movies in different languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Moviespapa Marathi and many more.

All the content on this site is a copied version of the original films and series. Many loyal users search this website using its name like moviepapa, moviepapa or movies papa. People use VPN before visiting this site to hide their IP location from the government. Hindi dubbed, and Telugu dubbed movies are the famous categories of moviespapa.

Moviespapa Website Homepage
moviespapa website interface

Why users choose Moviespapa?

All love to watch movies and series. You will get a memorable experience while downloading or watching films on moviespapa. The user interface and design is clam and trustworthy. Many users are loyal to this site because you can download any files from it quickly and smoothly. You will not get redirected to other unwanted pages while using the site because it has fewer popup ads and redirects.

While using moviepapa, the user must be aware that it is a pirated website and doesn’t have any right to share files from the creator. Downloading and uploading content on illegal sites is against the copyright law of India. Many platforms provide movies and series legally, but they charge some money in subscription fee or membership. If you have investments, we recommend using legal sites as you don’t have to worry about any criminal offence.

Is it legal to use Moviespapa?

It depends on the law of the country where you live. In India, it is illegal to visit and download movies from a pirated site like moviespapa. According to the copyright law of 1958, if any individual supports or encourages piracy in any form like promoting or uploading on digital media, they may get jail of upto three years and fine upto five lakhs. While visiting the pirated content providing site, one should always use a VPN and adblocker to hide their IP location and block all harmful ads. There are many legal online streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., which provide some movies and series to watch for free users.

Features of Moviespapa

The returning rate of moviespapa is very high as compared to other movies downloading sites. Many users are loyal to this site and share the download link of their favourite movies on Whatsapp and Facebook. Downloading films and shows from this website is very simple and easy to understand. If you are new to the field and know only the basic internet and website, then moviespapa is the best place to start.

Moviespapa has a beautiful design and layout. The font size and movie image thumbnail are of the perfect size. You don’t have to zoom in or zoom out to click on any button or download link on this site. All the categories like 300MB movies, 3D movies, Arabic movies, Assamese movies, Bengali movies, Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed, Irani movies, Original web series etc., are arranged according to the languages and quality. Moviespapa has one of the largest databases of regional movies and webseries.

Moviespapa uploads all the latest and regional movies in a different format and audio like dual audio, Hindi dubbed, and Telugu dubbed. You can find the same movie with various sizes like 700MB, 900MB, 1.5 GB. On this site, a user has all the freedom to select the resolution and size according to your internet usage and speed. The files and images are compressed on this website and load faster on any devices like mobile phone and PC.

Moviespapa is best to use for mobile devices because it has a responsive theme that consumes fewer internet data and loads faster on any devices. This site has a worldwide audience and uploads movies from different countries like Nepali movies, Arabic movies, Irani movies, Pakistani movies, Odia movies, Urdu movies, etc. You can click on any category to get the film list to watch and download online for free.

Many people love to download and store movies in their personal collection on PC and laptop. Suppose you have a lot of hd movies and want to share with the worldwide audience. In that case, you can apply for becoming an uploader on moviespapa. Let us remind you, uploading pirated content without any legal rights is a more severe crime than downloading. If your IP address is traced by the anti-piracy department, then you and your family may get into a lot of trouble. We recommend to use VPN and stop using illegal sites.

Movies quality present on moviespapa

Moviespapa knows his audience well and tries to upload movies and series according to the user’s requirements. You will not find the unavailability of content on this site because all the latest film and episode are updated as soon as the HD print of the movie is available on the market. If you love to watch movies on your mobile devices and search for mobile films regularly, this site has some of the best video and audio quality films online. Some of the qualities are

  • HDRip
  • BluRay
  • HDTVRip
  • DVDScr
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 480p
  • DVDRip
  • PreDVD

If you have fewer internet data and want HD movies, you can try the 300MB category. All the files under this section are compressed in size, but the quality remains the same as 480p or 720p.

Movies leaked by Moviespapa

Moviespapa is a well-known pirated site among movie lovers. It uploads all the latest films and episode within a few days of the release date. The admin uses various softwares to convert high-quality movies into different format and resolution, uploads them on its private server and then share the links on the site. If you love to watch old movies, you must try legal sites like Youtube, Netflix, etc., as old movies and series are available on these platforms for free. Some of the movies which are leaked by moviepapa are

  • Cosmic Sin 2021 English
  • Mommy Is a Murderer 2020 English
  • Shadowland 2021
  • Tempted by Danger 2020
  • Richard The Lionheart Rebellion 2015
  • Aelay 2021 Tamil 1080p
  • Asuran 2019 Dual Audio Hindi
  • Kaakha Kaakha (Zakhmi Police)
  • Krack
  • Master
  • Sultan

Moviespapa Proxy

The anti-piracy department blocks the website, which provides pirated content like movies, apps, web series. The Indian government and DMCA are trying to stop all kinds of illegal activities on digital media using various ways. But when the old domain of any movies downloading site is not working, the admin creates a new website and uploads all the previous database to the new link. The traffic and ranking don’t drop as the admin redirects the previous URL to the new one. If the official link is not working, you can use the below moviespapa proxy to access the homepage.

  • moviespapa vip
  • moviespapa host
  • moviespapa support
  • moviespapa best
  • moviespapa work
  • moviespapa pw
  • moviespapa cloud
  • moviespapa. com

Alternative to moviespapa

The main points are that illegal movies streaming sites are gaining more popularity than legal ones because you can access the content for free without any need to create an account. The government have many advertising campaigns which educate citizen about the consequence of using pirated sites on the film industry and economy. People are using moviespapa without any fear of the law using a VPN and adblockers. If you don’t have the list of sites where you can download movies, if one of the links is not working, you can use the below alternative.

Legal alternatives to moviespapa

Legal alternative sites have the proper rights from creators to share their content on their platform. Legal online streaming sites pay the production house according to the views on their videos. We always recommend your users to use legal sites as it is the only way to stop pirated sites from getting popularity. If you have some investment, then buy atleast one premium plan of legal movies downloading sites. You will not regret the decision. Some of the legal alternatives are

Amazon Prime Videos Homepage

Similar sites like moviespapa

Suppose you love this site’s design and user interface and know how to search and get the download link of your favourite film or show. In that case, you will have no trouble downloading content from the below sites. You don’t have to create an account on any of these sites and access the content without difficulty. Students and jobless individuals use illegal sites as they don’t have the income to buy any legal online streaming website membership. Movie lovers use VPN and adblocker before visiting similar sites to protect themselves and their devices from any criminal charges and unwanted ads.

  • 9xmovies
  • Downloadhub
  • 9kmovies
  • Movieswood
  • Kaspermovies
  • Filmyanju


9kmovies, 9kmovie, 9k movies, or website homepage


Moviespapa is the unlimited source to get the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Assamese, Punjabi, etc., movies online to download or watch online for free. While visiting this site, you must use VPN and adblocker as it is an illegal site, and you don’t have any rights to share content. It is not legal and safe to visit such sites. The admin may have added malicious scripts with the video file, which may steal your sensitive data and install software or app automatically.

Disclaimer don’t encourage or support piracy in any form. We request our users to use legal sites to watch or download movies online. There are many online streaming sites, some of which are legal, and some are illegal. While visiting the site, make sure to check the privacy policy and disclaimer page of the website. According to the copyright act of 1958, anyone who supports piracy in any form, like sharing on digital media, is a punishable offence.


Is moviespapa safe to visit?

No, moviespapa is not safe to visit. The admin has integrated popup ads and redirects on the website to manage the server and traffic cost. Sometimes, ads contain malicious scripts which can install apps and softwares automatically or steal your sensitive data. We recommend using a VPN and adblocker extension, which blocks all ads and keep your device secure and safe.

How moviespapa earn money?

Moviespapa is an illegal movies downloading site which provide all its content for free. The premium ads network like Google Adsense and don’t accept site which has pirated content. Such sites like moviespapa integrate popup ads and redirects. The ads share revenue on the CPM and CPC basic. According to the traffic and average page views, moviepapa earn approx. 50$ -60$ per day.

How to download movies from moviespapa?

Downloading movies from moviespapa is effortless and straightforward. If you know the film or series’s name, you can search for it using the search bar. Make sure to type the correct spelling, or else you will get a 404 error. You can choose from the homepage which features all the latest movies and shows. When you click on any thumbnail, you will land on the web page to find the download and watch online link. Some details like cast, story, language, country, duration, IMDB rating is also given on the page.

What is moviespapa new link?

No one can predict the number of days the moviespapa new link will be working. The official domain of the site changes regularly and redirects the old link to the new URL. While searching for a new working link, you can try moviepapa proxy, redirecting you to the URL. The official domain name is

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