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Why You Need To Watch DC’s Stargirl?

The CW recently made DC’s epic superhero story about Stargirl a hit show. If you’re hearing about her for the first time, you may wonder what this show is about and why you should watch it. Don’t worry. This televison show is not related to the film that Disney recently released. It is a story from Geoff Johns, the show’s executive producer, that he created in the early 1990s. However, this patriotic story began even before Johns brought Stargirl to the big screen.

It Incorporates Other Comic Book Characters

In the 1940s, DC created Star Spangled Kid, a patriotic comic for the people during the Second World War. At this time, the Star Spangled Kid was Sylvester, a rich male teenager who wanted to protect the world from Nazis. His chauffeur, Pat Dugan, fought alongside him as his sidekick Stripsey. They became a Nazi fighting team.

While the original version was retired, the characters live on with Pat Dugan as Stargirl’s stepfather. Meanwhile, the adult version of Sylvester, Starman, serves as Stargirl’s mentor. This is a dream for anyone who lives on old school comics.

Stargirl’s Has Her Own Comics

The Stargirl comics start with teenage Courtney discovering the Star Spangled Kid’s costume in Pat’s basement and dons it as a way to rebel against her mother. After doing this, she decides she will fight crime, and Pat uses his robotic suit to help her as a sidekick. The two end up as a crime-fighting team. As the comic plays out, Courtney joins the JSA. There, she meets Starman’s son, Jack, the man who gives her the cosmic staff.

For the most part, the idea translates onto the screen. There are a few minor details, such as how she got the cosmic staff, which are different.

Her Powers

While Stargirl doesn’t have any superpowers, she trains in gymnastics and kickboxing. Additionally, the uniform gives her increased strength, speed, and agility. Her staff lets her shoot stars as a weapon and fly.

She Is Based on John’s Sister

The inspiration behind the modern-day Courtney comes from the executive producer’s sister, who perished in a plane crash in the 1990s. She was traveling to France to study as an exchange student. Now, she lives on in the Stargirl comics and show.

Dc’s Stargirl is great for those who love to watch shows that stay true to their comic book storylines. While some minor details are different, it is a fantastic option for fans of patriotic superheroes.


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