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5 Secrets For Securing The Best Mortgage Loan Deals

Mortgages came to save aspiring homeowners. Yes, you can own a home now and pay gradually over an extended period, typically 10, 20, or 30 years, per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. While navigating the mortgage market can be challenging for first-time buyers, careful research and strategic planning can increase your chances of getting favorable terms. Fortunately, this guide provides top pointers on securing the best mortgage loan deals. Let’s jump in.

1. Consult Multiple Brokers and Lenders for Comparison

If you aren’t sure about which lending institutions to take a mortgage from, consider mortgage brokers. Rather than provide the funds directly, brokers assess your needs and connect you with the ideal lender. They have access to numerous lenders, providing a broader selection of products.

Don’t settle for the first to come your way. Instead, consult multiple brokers and lenders and compare their rates, closing costs, and mortgage loan terms. The goal is to get the best deal possible. Choose lenders focused on building relations instead of just making a sale. Customer-focused lenders like Rob’s Mortgage Loans give you honest answers, great deals with low rates, and excellent customer service.

2. Evaluate Interest Rates and Points

Timing is essential when acquiring a mortgage due to the fluctuating nature of interest rates. Therefore, you should closely monitor the trends for favorable rates. For instance, check Forbes Advisor and other reputable news outlets for the current interest rates. Alternatively, you can ask various lenders for their current interest rates. Which company has the lowest for the day or week?

 Remember to evaluate whether the rates are fixed or adjustable. You must also evaluate each lender’s point requirements (fees are paid to the broker or lender, often tied to the interest rates). Request your lender to quote their points in dollars rather than numbers to understand the exact amount you will pay.

3. Factor in Loan Fees and Closing Costs

Mortgage loans often involve numerous charges, including underwriting fees, broker fees, closing costs, transactions, and settlement. These charges significantly affect the overall cost of your mortgage. While you can access no-cost loans, these typically come with higher rates, which are undesirable. Therefore, ask for an itemized list from your lender and compare it with other lenders. Ask for an explanation if you need help understanding what each fee includes. The last thing you want is to deal with hidden fees.

3. Consider The Down Payment

According to the Federal Insurance Insurance Corporation, a typical mortgage requires a 20% down payment of the total home’s purchase price. However, other lenders may offer loans with down payments of as little as 3%. Therefore, always ask your lender about the minimum down payment they can accept. Additionally, inquire if you qualify for down payment assistance programs with favorable terms.

In most cases where the down payment is less than 20%, your lender may require you to purchase Private Mortgage Insurance(PMI). This insurance protects the lender in case of default. In other words, the lender can foreclose and auction your house to recoup their money if you default. If a PMI is needed, inquire about the total cost, the monthly payment, and the repayment period.

4. Negotiate

Once you have consulted multiple lenders and brokers, evaluated interest rates and points, and factored in loan fees and down payment requirements, it is time to negotiate. Your goal should be to get the best deal possible, specifically with a low interest rate and favorable closing costs. Don’t hesitate to ask for lower fees or other concessions, such as waiving certain charges. Good credit history and pre-approval give you a head start when negotiating for better terms.

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