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Jobs That Don’t Ask About Criminal Records

If you have a criminal record or there is something in your background history that might give employers pause when they look over your application (you can ‘criminal records check’ yourself, if you’re curious), you may be wondering about the types of jobs that will skip this evaluation entirely.

Finding jobs that won’t double-check your criminal record history is possible. Our article aims to help you by pointing you in the right direction for employment opportunities that will give everyone a chance. 

Read on to learn all you need to know about jobs that don’t ask about criminal records.

Why Do Some Jobs Require Background Checks?

Certain types of jobs require background checks due to the type of information handled in the job, the populations of people that the job works with, or other skill-necessary factors, such as the need to handle heavy machinery or drive trucks. Careers that typically check criminal records and other background information as part of the application process include any position with the federal government or U.S. departments, positions in healthcare and childcare, and positions that require skilled handling of machinery.

Employers utilize these background checks to ensure that the individuals they are hiring are safe to bring into the workplace, that they won’t risk the safety of themselves or others, and that they are completing their due diligence to hire individuals that are fully qualified for each position.

In addition to criminal records, these background checks often check employment and education history to verify that applicants are completely honest about their identity.

Possessing a criminal record can disqualify you from many employment opportunities. Still, more and more states are adopting ban-the-box laws and other equal-employment legislation that is working to even the playing field regarding certain criminal offenses that might be on your record.

Jobs That Don’t Require Criminal Records Checks

The following jobs are unlikely to require criminal records as part of the application and hiring process. But, of course, every employer is different, and you should double-check before applying by reviewing the application carefully or speaking to the hiring manager and inquiring if background checks are required.

Read on to learn more about jobs that don’t ask about criminal records.

  1. Restaurant Jobs

Restaurant jobs, most commonly back-of-house work such as dishwashing, prep, and line cook or grill stations, usually don’t check criminal records or background information. Restaurants are often hiring for a variety of positions, and these positions often offer a good amount of growth. It’s not unusual to start as a dishwasher or prep cook and eventually work your way up to higher pay and more responsibilities over the years.

  1. Construction Work

Carpentry, electrical work, and plumbing are all construction trades that typically don’t ask for your criminal record upon hiring. Instead, these jobs are more concerned with proper licensure and skill, and it may be easy to be hired to a construction crew, eventually working your way up to more skilled labor positions and higher overall pay.

Keep in mind that you might need to attend a trade school or complete an apprenticeship before securing employment in certain construction and labor professions.

  1. Landscaping

Adjacent to construction work is landscaping. Many landscaping and yard work companies are often hiring, especially during the spring and summer when outdoor work is typically completed. These positions are unlikely to need a check of your criminal records. Additionally, most landscaping employers or companies will usually train you on the job, so you don’t need to worry about prior experience or obtaining a license before applying for these positions.

  1. House Cleaning

House cleaning and housekeeping jobs can be found on a freelance basis or through a company that offers cleaning services. But keep in mind hotels or other corporate chain companies hiring housekeepers are much more likely to check your criminal record as part of the application than a smaller company. If you start your own house cleaning service, you can also avoid a background check.

  1. Hair Styling

Hairstylists and barbers are always in demand, and most of the time, companies that hire you won’t require you to submit a criminal record check. However, like with some other jobs on this list, you might need to enroll in classes to achieve a license or complete an apprenticeship before you are eligible to be hired or complete hair styling tasks. 

  1. Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is offered by many different companies and by certain pet stores. Jobs with these places typically don’t check your criminal record and will often provide on-the-job training, so you won’t need to have experience or coursework in the skill completed before applying. Remember that more corporate pet grooming facilities are more likely to ask for a criminal record check as part of the application.

  1. Freelance Positions

Freelance positions, such as work-from-home jobs, generally won’t require a criminal record check. These positions can include things such as transcribing, blog writing, and even computer programming. You may need to have coursework or degrees for some freelance or work-from-home positions, but chances are your criminal record won’t matter.

If you choose to freelance and start your own business, you will also not need to worry about a criminal record check, as you are your own boss. Just make sure that you adhere to all legal regulations when it comes to running a business, such as professional licensure or registration with the state where necessary.

Finding Employment That Suits Your Needs

Navigating employment with a criminal record may seem overwhelming at times, especially if many of the jobs you apply for ask for background checks as an initial part of the application. 

Instead of being disheartened and giving up, utilize our article to point you in the right direction of several jobs that are less likely to require criminal record checks as part of the hiring process. With dedication and patience, you can no doubt find employment that doesn’t require a criminal record check and perfectly suits your needs.

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