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How difficult is it for Indians to find a pedagogy job in Dubai?

In this beautiful city, teachers also find good money and the opportunity to receive additional bonuses while doing what they love. It is a good choice if you are considering a new city for yourself where you could teach students something new. Go to Layboard, and you will find many vacancies. Unfortunately, not everyone can get their dream job. You need to meet the requirements. In this article, we will talk in detail about the work of a teacher in Dubai. After reading it, you will expand your knowledge about requirements for employees, salary, and other nuances.

What are the requirements for teachers?

It is important to find out what the profile of an Indian should look like to get a job as a professor in Dubai. Although the conditions depend on the academy you want to teach at, some remain the same.

To work as a schoolteacher, you need an appropriate education. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is preferred. You should have an education in the field which you want to teach. If you are aiming to work in a private school or university, you will need more knowledge. It is desirable to have at least a master’s degree. Here the requirements are much higher, but at the same time, you get a better salary.

How much job experience you need depends on where you want to teach students. It is desirable to have at least several years of work history. However, the more it is, the better. If you want to prepare students at a private school, you will possibly need more experience.

Indians who do not fall under the general requirements will find it a bit difficult to find pedagogy jobs. The more you can do, the better the salary you will receive. Before applying for a job, pay attention to whether you meet the main criteria. There is a chance that if you do not satisfy demands, you will be hired.

What should be done to find a job as a schoolteacher?

Job search is a responsible business. Let’s break down some information that will help you find a pedagogy job:

  • Consider many vacancies. It is easiest to search for vacancies using online websites that specialize in this. Sites like Layboard will support you in finding a job faster.
  • View announcements on the school’s website. Many educational institutions publish notices requiring teachers on the school page. You can apply directly to the school.
  • Applying through recruitment agencies is also a good option. Many of them specialize in placing professors in institutions.
  • Start a conversation with people online. On the forums, you can often find advice and meet people who will support you in finding a job.
  • If you have the opportunity, go to Dubai. Some employers prefer non-online interviews. In addition, this way you will be able to see the place where you will work. Get to know the school administration.
  • If you don’t have enough experience yet, you can get it in India. After that, you will receive a higher salary, thanks to the fact that you taught longer.

These tips will help you find a job faster. Do not forget to beware of fraudsters who want to profit from your desire to work abroad.

What salary do teachers get?

It depends on many factors. They include your education, job history, specialty, and where you work. Private schools pay the best. It is also possible to earn good money working in prestigious universities.

The average monthly salary is AED 12,000. This salary is not taxable. Licensed teachers receive bonuses. They include:

  • Medical Insurance. Some employers cover all expenses for the duration of your contract.
  • Dwelling. Some educational organizations provide housing. You can get a house or an apartment in which you can live. Sometimes you may be able to receive a monthly allowance. It is needed to cover part of housing costs.
  • Moving expenses may also be paid by the employer. So you can avoid spending your money on moving.

On average, Indian teachers get a good salary and nice bonuses that cover some of their expenses. Thanks to this, you will earn more money and be able to live a full life.

Work as a teacher in Dubai

The academic year begins in September and lasts until June. In between, there are two short breaks. Classes usually start between 7 and 7:30 in the morning. So you’ll have to get up pretty early, depending on how far you live. There are five working days. The academic week lasts from Sunday to Thursday. Weekends are on Friday and Saturday. On average, teachers work 35-40 working hours per week.

Opportunities for Indian lecturers 

You can work in school or at university. In addition, some parents are looking for educators for their children. Working in Dubai, an Indian can achieve useful experience. Working in other countries is highly valued and will enhance your resume, making it more competitive. Here you can develop in your field and improve your pedagogy talents. Working in new conditions and environments, you will get to know new methods. Getting to know interesting people and other professors in your field will help you exchange awareness with them. New acquaintances and friends will help you adapt to a new city faster. Working in Dubai and the knowledge gained here will be a powerful impetus to your career development.


Finding a job as a teacher is not easy, but you won’t know if you don’t try. You need to have the requisite knowledge and work history. It can be difficult to meet these requirements. However, you can always learn. Acquire new talents that you will pass on to your students in the future so that they become true experts in their field. Most likely, you will not be able to adapt to a new place right away, so give yourself time to rest. Enjoy the beauty of the new city in which you will work and live. 

Dubai is a rapidly developing city. Every day, there are more possibilities for career growth. Numerous prestigious educational institutions are located here, where you have a chance to teach. Exchanging experiences with foreign colleagues will teach you to teach better.

As you develop your international career, you will gain invaluable skills.

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